Article XVI - Charges, Trials And Appeals

Section 1 - Changes

Members of this Local may be fined, suspended or expelled in the manner provided in these By-Laws, for any of the acts enumerated in Article XIX of the Union Constitution.

Section 2 - Trials

Any accused member, including Officers, of this Local shall be tried under the provisions of Article XXI of the Union Constitution.

Section 3 - Appeals

A member of Officer of this Local, upon being found guilty by a Local trail court, may appeal as provided in Article XXI of the Union Constitution.

Section 4 - Local Trial Court

A trial court of this Local shall be composed of five (5) persons who are members of this Local and not parties to the proceedings, and who shall be selected by the Executive Board of the Local.

Article XVII - Recall Of Local Officers

Any elected Officer of this Local may be recalled in accordance with provisions of Article XX and XXII of the Union Constitution.

Article XVIII - Amendments To Local By-Laws

After adoption, these By-Laws may be amended by either of the following methods:

(a) Majority vote of the members present in a Local meeting, if the proposed amendment has been advertised to the membership by use of bulletin boards or U.S. Mail postage prepaid at least seven (7) days in advance of the meeting; or

(b) Referendum of the membership.

Article XIX - Referendum Of The Local

A. The Local Election Committee shall submit any question to a referendum of the membership when directed to do so by action of a regular or special membership meeting.

B. Questions submitted to referendum shall be determined by a majority vote of those voting on the question.

Article XX - Fiscal Year and Audit

A. The fiscal year of this Local shall be from October 1st of each year to and including September 30th of the succeeding year.

B. The financial records of this Local shall be audited by a Certified Public Accountant, or by a committee selected by the Local, at the end of each fiscal year. The results of such audit shall be made available for the inspection of any member of the Local.

Article XXI - Oath Of Office

Each elected Officer of the Local, after meeting all other qualifications, shall be duly installed upon taking the following oath;

" I (give name) hereby accept the Office (name of office) of Local (give Local number), Communications Workers of America, with full knowledge of the responsibilities and duties  of such office."

" I promise to faithfully discharge my duties according to the By-Laws and Rules of the Local and the Constitution and Policies of the Union."

" I further promise to give my successor in office all books and records in my possession. I shall at all times endeavor to serve my Local and the Union to the best of my ability, so help me God."

Article XXII - Adoption

The By-Laws shall be adopted upon the approval of a majority of the members voting upon their adoption in the membership meeting called for that purpose.

By-Laws adopted October 1, 1968.

Amended By-Laws adopted April 14, 1970

Amended By-Laws adopted April 10, 1973

Revised By-Laws adopted January 14, 1975

Revised By-Laws adopted June 10, 1975

Revised By-Laws adopted November 11, 1975

Revised By-Laws adopted January 13, 1976

Revised By-Laws adopted August 10, 1976

Revised By-Laws adopted January 10, 1978

Revised By-Laws adopted January 9, 1979

Revised By-Laws adopted August 21, 1979

Revised By-Laws adopted January 13, 1981

Revised By-Laws adopted September 13, 1983

Revised By-Laws adopted January 10, 1984

Revised By-Laws adopted February 11, 1986

Revised By-Laws adopted September 8, 1987

Revised By-Laws adopted September 12, 1989

Revised By-Laws adopted July 10, 1990

Revised By-Laws adopted July 9, 1991

Revised By-Laws adopted March 9, 1993

Revised By-Laws adopted May 14, 2002

Revised By-Laws adopted July 15, 2014

Revised By-Laws adopted May 14, 2019