Article XI - Order  Of Business

A. The order of business at a Local meeting shall be as follows:

1. Call to order

2. Reading and action on minutes of previous meetings

3. Report of Officers

4. Report of Committee

5. Unfinished business

6. New business

7. Adjournment

B. The order of Business may be suspended by a two-thirds (2/3) vote of the members present.

Article XII - Local Officers, Stewards, and Their Duties

Section 1 - Local Officers

A. The Officers of the Local shall be:

1. Local President

2. Local Executive Vice-President

3. Local Secretary/Treasurer

4. Local Area Vice-Presidents

B. the duties of Local Officers shall be as follows:

1. The Local President --

(a) Be responsible for the conduct of all Local Business;

(b) Preside at Local membership, Local Executive Board, and Local Officers' meetings;

(c) Be responsible for the processing of grievances and appeals to higher levels of the Union when not satisfactorily settled;

(d) Be responsible for the supervision of Local Committees;

(e) Approve all bills to be paid and countersign all checks drawn on the Local Treasury; and

(f) Perform whatever additional duties as may be assigned by the Local or required by the Policies or Constitution of the Union.

2. the Local Executive Vice-President and Area Vice Presidents shall --

(a) Work under the direction of the Local President; and

(b) Perform whatever duties as may be assigned by the Local, the Local Executive Board, or the Local President.

3. The Local Secretary/Treasurer shall --

(a) Maintain a record of the Local membership;

(b) Record and maintain the minutes of all meeting of the Local, the Executive Board or Local Officers;

(c) Furnish the Vice-President and Secretary/Treasurer of the Union with copies of any changes in these By-Laws within ten (10) days after such changes are made;

(d) Perform such other duties as may be assigned by the Local, the Local Executive Board, or the Local President ;

(e) Be custodian of all assets of the Local;

(f) Report to each membership meeting on the financial status of the Local;

(g) Be bonded, as must any other person who handles Local funds, or other property, in accordance with the Union Constitution or any State or Federal Law;

(h) Cause the payment of all bills approved by the Local President;

(i) Perform such other duties as may be assigned by the Local, the Local Executive Board, or the Local President.

Section 2 - Local Stewards

A. The Local shall have as many Stewards with the jurisdiction as may be determined by the Local Executive Board, subject to the right of the Local membership to overrule such determination. Stewards shall be elected by the members in the jurisdiction assigned for each Steward by the Executive Board.

B. The duties of Local Stewards shall be as follows:

1. the Stewards shall --

(a) Work under the direction of the Area Vice-President;

(b) Perform whatever duties as may be assigned by the Local, and the Local Executive Board, or the Local President.

Section 3 -        

Any Executive Officer (President, Executive Vice President, Secretary/Treasurer) of CWA Local 3680 who retires during his/her term may remain in office for the duration of his/her term and may be eligible to run for re-election for subsequent term(s) as long as his/her dues are kept current and may be imbursed/reimbursed for time spent on Union business (ie: meetings*, conferences, conventions, bargaining) Monday through Friday up to eight (8) hours per day.  Union dues and imbursements/reimbursements will be calculated from his/her retirement gross pay.

(meetings* does not include regular local membership meetings)

Article XIII - Conduct Of Meetings, Other Local Business And Quorum

A. Membership meetings and any other business of this Local shall be conducted under these By-Laws and Rules of the Local and in conformity with the Union Constitution. On questions where the Local By-Laws, the Local Rules or the Union constitution do not clearly apply, Robert's Rules Of Order shall govern.

B. The number constituting a quorum for Local meetings shall be any number of members present at a Local membership meeting, provided due notice of the meeting has been given the membership of the Local. "Due Notice" shall mean a notice given at least seven (7) days prior to the meeting.

C. A majority of the Officers, the Executive Board or a majority of the members of a Committee shall constitute a quorum for those bodies.

Article XIV - Nomination And Election Of Local Officers And Members Of The Executive Board

Section 1 - Nominations

Local Officers shall be nominated as specified in the CWA Constitution every three (3) years. No other nominations shall be considered nor shall write-in votes be counted.

Section 2 - Elections

A. Election of Local Officers shall be by secret ballot referendum of the membership as specified in the CWA Constitution every three (3) years.

B. Nominations and Elections of Area Vice-Presidents shall be conducted every three (3) years in accordance with the CWA Constitution. Area Vice-President shall be nominated and elected by members who work within each respective area of responsibility.

Section 3 - Local Election Committee

A, The nomination and election of Local Officers and delegates to the CWA Convention shall be conducted under the supervision of the Election Committee. This Committee shall have the authority and the responsibility to see that nominations and elections are conducted in accordance with the Union Constitution, and these By-Laws with reasonable opportunity for each member to nominate and vote for the candidate of their choice.

B. the Election Committee shall conduct any referendum submitted to membership.

C. A member shall no be permitted to serve on the Election committee if he is a candidate for any office of the Local or delegate to the CWA Convention.

D. All questions concerning the conduct and challenges of elections shall be determined by the election Committee, subject to the right of appeal to the Executive Board and/or membership of the Local.

Section 4 - General Provisions

A. The nominee in any election receiving the majority of the votes cast shall be declared elected. If no one nominee has a majority on the first ballot, the vote shall be taken again and the two nominees having the greatest number of votes on the first ballot shall be nominees on the second ballot.

B. Only members of the Local in good standing shall be eligible to vote or hold office.

C. the term of office shall be for three (3) years.

D. the officers shall take office on the second Tuesday of January after elections.

Section 5 - Vacancies

A. A vacancy in the office of Local President shall be filled by the Local Executive Vice-President. Vacancies in the offices of the Executive Vice-President, and the Secretary/Treasurer shall be filled in the same manner as that required for regular elections and within sixty (60) days as required by Article XV of the Union Constitution.

B. A vacancy in the office of Area Vice-President shall be filled as described in Article XIV, Section 2, Paragraph B.

Article XV - Strikes

The calling, conduct and termination of strikes affecting this Local shall at all time be carried on in compliance with the rules prescribed by the Union and Article XVIII of its Constitution.